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Year 11

Please see below assemblies that have been created:

Assembly - 2nd June 2020

Assembly - 11th May 2020



Careers Wales

Please click here for the information sent to us from Careers Wales that many of you may find helpful. Further information is due by the end of this week on the potential arrangements for the allocation of grades for those in Year 10 and 11. We will, of course, provide you with further information, when we have it.

Please also click here for some information from the Welsh Government for parents and carers supporting young people's mental health and wellbeing during this unprecedented time.



Awarding Grades

Qualifications Wales (the Board that oversees all qualifications issued in this country), have given us some further guidance on how they will approach the awarding of course results.  Please click here to view this information.

Qualifications Wales have instructed all centres that we are NOT allowed to share any form of prediction / grade assessment with our learners. As a consequence of this, unfortunately, we will not be able to give our usual ‘end of term’ snapshot.


I know that many of you are considering college as your next step in your learning journey. We are in close contact with all the local colleges, who understand that you will be putting ‘expected grades’ on your online applications. You should already have enough information from recent mocks / internal assessments / classwork / coursework to be able to give realistic predictions yourselves. The colleges will then make you a conditional offer (the standard conditions are on their respective websites).

Remember: You must keep working through your studies, particularly if you want to start AS level courses in the Autumn.

When you enrol in September, the college will check that you have achieved the grades to meet the course requirements. They have plenty of alternatives to offer you, if the requirements for a specific course are not quite met. Please put your application in online as there are people working to process them at this time.  

If you have any queries on the above information, please contact Mrs Mainwaring at her email address:



Progress Manager: Mr N Cotter
Deputy Progress Manager: Mr G Clarke


Registration Group Form Tutor House


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