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The aim of Islwyn School Council Executive committee is to give pupils the opportunity to express their views about school life in a forum where they will be listened to and action taken when appropriate. It also enables them to actively participate in improving the school community.

Pupils who participate in decision-making enjoy enhanced self-esteem and motivation, gain important personal, social and organisational skills, and become familiar with group and democratic processes.

At the organisational level, pupil involvement in decision making leads to better relationships, more relevant and effective policies, and better learning. In the best scenarios, pupils and adults work together as partners to ensure that their school provides the best possible learning environment for all. Ultimately, we believe pupils have an important part to play in helping our school to improve in all aspects of school life.



  • An election shall be held in September/October each year.
  • An election campaign will precede the election.
  • One boy and one girl from each form will be elected as form representatives who will then campaign for a place on the School Council Executive Committee (SCEC)
  • The SCEC will comprise of the Head boy, and Head girl with two representatives from each year group (one boy and one girl)
  • Positions within the school council will be decided in the first meeting.



One meeting per half term will take place, and more if needed. The meetings will follow a set agenda, and be led by the elected Chairperson and deputy. Minutes will be taken and posted on this school website (see below), on the school council notice boards and shared with all form representatives. They in turn, will share with students in all classes.

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