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There are many opportunities for our pupils to get involved in musical extra-curricular activities, with clubs running during lunchtime. 
Monday: Orchestra
Tuesday: Show Choir
Wednesday: Senior Choir / Chamber Choir / Ukulele Club
Thursday: Orchestra
Friday: Recorder Club / Violin Club 
Please note that, currently, club times have changed slightly this term as we are working on our show production.

Instrument Lessons

If pupils would like to receive instrumental lessons with our team of specialist tutors, firstly please speak to one of the music teachers. Lessons cost £50 per term for a 20 minute lesson each week. Instrument lessons are arranged on a rotational basis so pupils are not always missing the same timetabled lesson. 

Upcoming Events

Sept 1 - Teacher Planning and Preparation Day 1

Sept 2 - Teacher Planning and Preparation Day 2

Sept 3 - Year 7 return

Sept 4 - Year 7 Day 2

Sept 7 - Year 7 joined by Years 10 and 11

Sept 8 - Years 7,10 and 11 joined by Year 8

Sept 9 - Years 7, 8, 10 and 11 joined by Year 9



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