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The current lists have been amended in readiness for the new academic year 2019-2020.

Senior Leadership
Position Name
Headteacher Mr Jason Hicks
Deputy Headteacher Mr Martin Davis
Assistant Headteachers

Mrs Karyn Davies

Mr Gareth Fowler

Mrs Nicola Bowden

Seconded SLT Mr Marc Yeoman
Business Manager Mrs Emma Paskell
Heads of Department
Head of English Mrs Maria Edwards
Deputy Head of English Miss Hannah Turner
Head of Literacy Mrs Bethan Williams
Head of Mathematics Mrs Joanne Collins
Head of Numeracy Mrs Clare Waters
Deputy Head of Mathematics Miss Hannah Charlton
Head of Science Mrs Amanda Pardoe
Deputy Head of Science Mr Mark Gambold
Head of Skills Ms Erica Rowlands
Head of Digital Literacy  
Additional Learning Needs Coordinator  
Head of Secondary Special Resource Base - SSRB Mrs Jane Watts
Deputy Head of SSRB

Mrs Selina Hart

Head of Welsh Mrs Nicola Barry
Deputy Head of Welsh Ms Lauren Bow
Head of Physical Education Mr Steven Davies
Head of Technology Mr Alan Townsin
Deputy Head of Technology Mrs Sian Crane
Head of History Mr John Morris
Head of Geography Mr Richard Thomas
Head of Religious Education  
Head of Modern Foreign Languages Mrs Nicola Hancock
Head of Music Ms Katey Day
Head of ICT Mr Russell Wareham
Head of PSE

Ms Lauren Cook

Mrs Natalie Edwards

Progress Managers
Progress Manager - Year 7 Miss Lauren Bow
Progress Manager - Year 8 Mr Gareth Preece
Progress Manager - Year 9 Mr Neil Cotter
Progress Manager - Year 10 Mr Ben Watkins
Progress Manager - Year 11 Mr Dave Price
Deputy Progress Manager - Year 7 Mrs Sue Cooper
Deputy Progress Manager - Year 8 Miss Amalea Wright
Deputy Progress Manager - Year 9 Mr Gavin Clarke
Deputy Progress Manager - Year 10 Mrs Amanda Henry
Deputy Progress Manager - Year 11 Miss Lauren Poole
English Mrs Maria Edwards - Head of Department
  Mrs Bethan Williams - Head of Literacy
  Miss Hannah Turner - Deputy Head of Department
  Mrs Lisa Bromfield
  Ms Lauren Cook
  Mrs Natalie Edwards
  Mr Gareth Fowler
  Mrs Rebecca Llewellyn
  Ms Lauren Poole
  Mrs Nicola Barry
  Mrs Lisa Price
Mathematics Mrs Joanne Collins - Head of Department
  Mrs Clare Waters - Head of Numeracy
  Ms Hannah Charlton - Deputy Head of Department
  Mrs Stephanie Bishop
  Mrs Jessica Dewey
  Ms Hannah Miles
  Ms Gemma Phipps
  Mrs Emma Tate
  Mr Stephen Waters
Science Mrs Amanda Pardoe - Head of Department
  Mr Mark Gambold - Deputy Head of Department
  Mr Gavin Clarke
  Mr Neil Cotter
  Mrs Lindsey Jones
  Mr Gareth Preece
  Ms Jessica Rowlands
  Mrs Clare Waters
  Miss Gemma Phipps
  Miss Hannah Miles
  Mr Huw Davies
  Mrs Joanne Collins
  Mrs Jessica Dewey
  Mr Steven Davies
Welsh  Mrs Nicola Barry - Head of Department
  Ms Lauren Bow - Deputy Head of Department
  Mrs Lisa Price
  Ms Amalea Wright
  Miss Stephanie Bishop
  Mrs Nicola Hancock
Geography Mr Richard Thomas - Head of Department
  Mrs Elizabeth Clarke
  Mr David Price
  Mr Ben Brown
  Mr Jason Carless
History Mr John Morris - Head of Department
  Ms Joanne Jones
  Mr Ben Watkins
  Mr Ben Brown
  Mrs Emma Tate
Religious Education - RE Mrs Sarah Llewellyn
  Mr Ben Brown
  Mrs Debbie Darnborough
  Mr Matthew Thomas
  Mrs Nicola Bowden
  Mr Richard Thomas
Music Ms Katey Day - Head of Department
  Mrs Marianne James
  Mr Martin Davis
Art Mrs Sue Cooper
  Mrs Amanda Lewis
Modern Foreign Languages - MFL Mrs Nicola Hancock -  Head of Department
  Ms Camilla Calvani
Physical Education - PE Mr Steven Davies -  Head of Department
  Mrs Donna Davies
  Mr Huw Davies
  Mrs Karen Barnaby
  Mrs Elizabeth Lincoln
  Mr Matthew Thomas
Technology Mr Alan Townsin - Head of Department
  Mrs Sian Crane - Deputy Head of Department
  Mrs Amanda Henry
  Mrs Debbie Darnborough
  Ms Jennifer Rivers
  Mr Jason Carless
  Mr Marc Yeoman
  Mrs Marianne James
  Mr Russell Wareham
ICT, Computer Science & Digital Competence Mr Russell Wareham - Head of Department
  Mr Ben Brown
  Mrs Erica Rowlands
Additional Learning Mrs Erica Rowlands
  Mrs Marianne James
Health and Social Care Mrs Sian Crane
  Mrs Debbie Darnborough
  Miss Jennifer Rivers
Drama Mrs Rebecca Llewellyn - Head of Department
  Miss Hannah Turner
  Mrs Lisa Bromfield
  Miss Lauren Cook
  Miss Lauren Poole
  Mrs Lisa Price
  Mrs Natalie Edwards
  Mrs Nicola Barry
Sociology Mr Ben Watkins
  Ms Lauren Cook
SSRB Mrs Jane Watts -  Head of Resource Base
  Mrs Selina Hart - Deputy Head of Resource Base
  Mr Malaki Forrester
  Mr Nathan Hodge
  Mr C McEwan
  Mrs Rachel Meek
Business Manager Mrs Emma Paskell
Network Manager Mr Richard Meade
Inclusion Manager Mrs Tina Crooker
Examinations’ Officer/Data Officer/Headteachers Office Manager  
Attendance Officer Mrs Annette Edwards
Data and Assessment Officer Mrs Heather Davies
Reprographics/ LRC Mrs Susan Goodger
Administration Officers Mrs Ruth Hughes
Finance Officer Mr Ryan Hillier
ICT Technician Mr Dan Jones
Science Technician Mrs Hazel Richards
Technology Technician Mr Michael Driscoll
Behaviour Support Manager Mr Conor Miles
Cover Supervisor Mrs Karen Barnaby
Inclusion Officer Mrs Ceri Stuart
Learning Coaches Mrs Joanne Case
  Ms Lynne Williams
  Mrs Sally Yamamoto
SSRB Teaching Assistants Mrs Ann Carpenter
  Mrs Bev Boulton
  Mrs Elizabeth Davies
  Mrs Christine Gronow
  Mrs Viv Johnson
  Mrs Phillipa Morrissey
  Mrs Lynsey Parfitt
  Mrs Lesley Pritchard
  Mrs Trudi Rezougui
  Mrs Sian Pitman
  Mrs Nicole Strickland-Grant
  Mrs Rhian Vickery
Learning Support Assistants Mrs Julie Berry
  Ms Catherine Chaplin
  Mrs Julie Davies
  Ms Donna Diffey
  Miss Jessica Jones
  Mrs Victoria Prince
  Mrs Sarah Weeks
Caretakers Mr Gary Davies
  Mr Stephen Russell
Midday Supervisors Mrs Julie Barugh
  Mrs Elaine Sheals

 Local Authority Governor

Mr G Bryce - Chair of Governors


Mrs L Curtis-Jones


Cllr G Kirby


Cllr R Saralis

Community Governors

Mr R Bevan


Mrs J Crook


Mrs J Ford


Mrs K Moons - Vice Chair of Governors


Mrs N Roberts

 Parent Governors

Mrs C Baldwin


Professor  G Irwin


Mrs R Morgans


Mrs J Pooke


Mr S Upcott


Mr J Hicks

Teacher Governors

Miss L Cook


Mrs M Edwards

Staff Governor

Mrs T Crooker

Pupil Associate Governors

Head Boy


Head Girl

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